What Is I-CAN?

I-CAN is the community working together to prepare Antrim and Kalkaska students for college and career success.


Why Does It Matter?

Ensuring that students complete high school and go on to earn technical certificates or college degrees is more important than ever.


What Can We Do?

We are focused on getting kids enrolled in a program after high school and helping them find the financial resources they need to make it happen!


The Need is Real:

60% Percentage of jobs that will require a college degree by 2018
38% America's college attainment rate
36% Michigan's college attainment rate
30.74% Antrim County's college attainment rate
18.2% Kalkaska County's college attainment rate
26% Michigan residents that begin college but never finish

Students in Alba, Bellaire, Kalkaska, Forest Area and Mancelona perform below the TBAISD average on several college readiness indicators.

The new knowledge economy
Plan your college timeline
Earn a sustainable wage