Paying for College

Step One: Acquire a FSA ID. This  identification number you will need in order to complete the FAFSA. Create your FSA ID now.

Step Two: Apply for Federal Student Aid.  DO THIS EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU MAY NOT QUALIFY FOR ANY AID! Many schools will require completion of the FAFSA for admission, scholarships, or other opportunities. 

The application period for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is now open and you can use the information from 2015 tax forms when filling out the FAFSA.The Michigan deadline for completing the form is March 1, 2017. Questions?  FAFSA HELP

Step Three: Review the STATE aid only for Michigan Students. Many programs are available for families of veterans, families needing financial assistance and more on the Michigan Student Aid website.

Step Four: Research school, program specific,regional and local scholarships

  • National Search Engines  Sallie Mae has one example.
  • College or Program of Choice
  • Local Scholarships

The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation has lots of scholarships available for many different kinds of students.

The Community Foundation offers scholarship opportunities based on a variety of criteria, including planned major, high school participation, academic achievement, financial need, and more. They award approximately $160,000 each year in scholarships.