Why I-CAN Matters

For the first time in American history, an older generation is better educated than the generation that follows ...

At a time when many job opportunities are unfulfilled due to the lack of qualified candidates, and America’s education rate is lagging that of other developed countries----ensuring that students complete high school and go on to earn technical certificates or college degrees is more important than ever.

I-CAN College Access Network of Antrim and Kalkaska counties works to remove the barriers to college and technical career certification by focusing on student readiness.  This is an approach starts with early childhood and ends with a commencement ceremony. The goal? Ensuring that every student is ready financially, academically, socially and logistically.

Why This Is Important

For generations, Michigan families were able to rely on a high school diploma to provide a middle-class lifestyle thanks to the robust labor market of the automobile manufacturing industry. Today, a high school diploma simply is not enough to compete in the 21st century global economy. There are many individual and community benefits of postsecondary education. Some benefits include: increased median income, decreased unemployment rates, lower smoking rates, lower incarceration rates, higher levels of civic participation including volunteerism, voting and blood donation.

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